McDonald’s “pink goo”

Mcdonald’s has always been said to be made of the worst food products there are, and recently a picture of pink goo has been going around; the pink goo was claimed to be what McNuggets were made of. But McDonalds claims the picture as “picture hoax” saying that McNuggets do NOT contain any part of the pink goo. McDonald’s recently did a video tour of how McNuggets are really made, going step by step in the process of making the McNugget. First they take whole chickens, then take all the possible breast from it, then they proceed to grind up the breast and combine it with more grinded up skin, then the chicken meat is seasoned and then shaped and cooked. No part of the process involves this pink goo that a lot of people are claiming. McDonalds knows that a lot of people wonder what is really in their meat, so they decided it was time to clear up the facts. A McDonald’s reporter went around with a camera and asked random strangers what questions they had about McDonalds, and many of them mentioned the “pink goo”. McDonalds then proceeded to make it clear that their company has no part to do with this pink goo. Americans have gotten to believe that McDonalds does not use real meat, when in fact they do. Although Mcdonalds is not the healthiest, and the company knows that, they will never agree to the popular rumors of their use of “fake meat”. 


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